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I am

Edward Royce

I am an entrepreneur who runs a business in digital design.

Edward Royce

About me

I'm an entrepreneur making a dent in the digital design industry.

The creative economy is increasingly digital, mobile, and interactive. We are researching and getting involved in many areas of design, from web and infographics to film, game, and VR/AR design.

From individual design elements to websites, apps, complete campaign designs and more, we provide our corporate clients with everything they need to communicate their brand in the most unique, memorable and user-friendly way possible.


My areas of



We put great focus on aesthetics, readability, color, and branding

  • Reports
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations


We understand the trends in web aesthetics, accessibility and ease of use

  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Apps


Our designs are based primarily on research, data, and psychology

  • Logo Designs
  • Visuals
  • Products

My recent


My Awesome




Testimonial &


" We found in Edward the ideal partner we need to handle our design needs. "

Jim Sorenson, CEO, Simcoe Energy

" Worth every dollar and more. The quality of work is amazing and we are thrilled with the results. "

Latisha Smith, President, Everlasting Greens

" They took our image to the next level. Kudos to Edward for all the effort and personal involvement. "

Henry Turner, VP Marketing, RMQ Technologies

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